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Orthodontic Patients

Your First Visit!

what to expect

Our goal and purpose

Our goal and purpose is to help our patients achieve ultimate oral health, ideal function and a beautiful, comfortable smile to be proud and confident of.  We know that choosing to pursue the possibility of orthodontics may feel like a big decision, so we make your first visit simple, easy, and thorough.  This is a time to ask questions and get any answers you may have regarding orthodontics. Part of reaching this goal is offering the most current and tested methods of orthodontia treatment. This includes braces, aligners, and different retainer options. 

Dr. Haslam

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Dr. Haslam and his staff love meeting new faces and can’t wait to help you get to know them and their office.  The initial visit will be approximately 30 mins and will start with some simple intraoral photographs.  The doctor then does a thorough exam of your oral health, occlusion, dentition, jaw function, and any other specifics that are of note. If an xray is needed, we will take one free of charge.  (We only take x rays when they are truly indicated for a diagnosis to avoid additional exposure to you or your child.)  Together, you and Dr. Haslam will discuss the exam findings and treatment plan options for you to consider.

Treatment Coordinator

You will also meet our treatment coordinator, Kyle, who can assist you with any additional questions regarding treatment and financial options. Kyle will review your orthodontic insurance benefits and help to review and answer any questions regarding financials, such as discounts, payment plans and prices. 

Ready to Get Started?

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We can't wait to see you!

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